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More and more people are switching to glue gun style wax. You will not get soot in your seals, you will not burn your fingers and it is about 5 times faster than traditional wax.

How to Use Traditional Sealing Wax (without a wick)

Original Method

1. Heat the end of the wax stick using a candle or micro torch lighter, hold the stick at a slight angle
2. Once the end of the stick starts to soften press the wax stick onto your paper and slowly "mush" the soft wax in a circle to remove air pockets.
3. Stamp the wax, we do prefer to chill our stamper which hardens the wax quickly and helps the stamp to release

Modern Method

1. Heat the end of the wax stick using a candle or micro torch lighter, hold the stick at a slight angle
2. Holding the stick directly over the area where you want the seal allow the melting wax to drip down creating a pool about the same size as your stamper.
3. Place your stamper gently into the wax, depending on which mix you have chosen for wax you may be able to lift the stamp out immediately, with some wax you are best to wait for the wax to harden before removing the stamp.

Wax with wicks are made using the same methods as above

Glue gun sticks

You should be able to make 10-12 seals per stick of wax with a 3/4" stamp or 7 - 10 with a 1" stamper.

1. Insert your stick into a standard full size glue gun, you will of course need a few sticks as the gun chamber holds two sticks.
2. Chill the stamp head using a small ice pack, you will always get the best results with solid brass wax stamp heads
3. Pour a circle of wax similar in size to your stamp head
4. Let the wax dry for a second or two and then gently place the stamper into the wax
5. Remove the stamper only when the wax has hardened to get the best impression

We do not recommend using any release agents or highlighting ink as this type of wax is non porous and these foreign materials will stay on the surface of the wax which of course enables them to rub off onto anything the seal may touch.
We have heard many horror stories about $40 invitations showing up in the mail with great grease marks and smudges on the envelopes or backs of other inserts!




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