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Frequently Asked Questions

1) You are in Canada, why are your prices in USD?
- 90% of our clients are in the USA, this makes doing business easier for everyone. 90% of our ingredients are made in USA, one ingredient is made in Canada. We use NO Chinese ingredients.

2) Which wax works best, glue gun or wick style
- All our wax will work well, each style has a different purpose. The easiest wax to use is the glue gun style as you will not get soot in the wax and there is far less risk of burning yourself.

3) Do you offer discounts to stores?
- Yes, as we are the manufacturer of these products we do offer wholesale pricing to legitimate re sellers.

4) You advertise Scottish wax, does your wax come from Scotland?
- No, our recipes and ingredients for the breakable wax is 100% the same as the original Scottish recipes. Our products are all made in Canada.

5) What is "genuine sealing wax" ?
- "breakable sealing wax is considered to be genuine, we are the only company making this wax in glue gun style along with the traditional wax with wicks.
- Did you know that the founder of our business created the first glue gun wax, the first breakable glue gun wax and designed and created all the machines to make peel and stick wax seals.

6) Can I mail a letter with a wax seal on the outside?
- You can mail a letter using the flexible wax that we make, it is strongly suggested that you ask your local postmaster if they will hand cancel the stamps so the letters do not go through the automatic machines. No Scottish or breakable wax will survive the mail on the outside of an envelope, even inside an envelope they are still fragile and should be protected.

7) I saw some wax online from China, is it real ?
- The glue gun style wax from China is full of paraffin (candle wax) it becomes very thin when you stamp it.. If you are unsure about any wax, ours or a competitors ask for a sample before you ruin any expensive products that you may be applying the wax to. There are some unscrupulous vendors selling the Chinese wax online saying that it is real wax , so just be careful, this cheap wax will not stick to coated or glossy finishes.

8) Are you affiliated with any other wax companies
- No, we have no affiliations with any other wax businesses, we are a 100% family owned small business with the one factory in Victoria, BC Canada.

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