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Scottish Style Mura wax sticks (breakable wax)
Available in colors as shown below (with or without wicks)
Each stick will do approximately 8 - 10 seals when using a 3/4" stamper
Each stick is about 3.25" long (10 cm)
We do not suggest that this wax is used on the exterior of envelopes as it can break. Colors may differ slightly between each batch that we make.

Pricing is in USD
1 - 50 $3.00 each
50 - 200 sticks $2.50 each
200+ sticks $2.00 each

Sticks are shipped bulk
Our standard boxes hold 36 sticks
3 pack cello retail style bags are available for an additional $0.10
Wholesale pricing is available to legitimate re sellers
Shipping is extra from our factory in Canada
All orders are to be prepaid

Pearl aqua waterstons mura sealing wax Pearl Aqua Blue
Sparkling cornflower blue waterstons sealing wax Cornflower Blue
Sealing wax Pearl cornflower blue mura wax Pearl Cornflower Blue
George Waterstons and sons pearl electric blue sealing wax Pearl Electric Blue
Metallic bluw mura wax from Waterstons Metallic Blue
Click for a larger view - Bronze traditional sealing wax sticks Bronze
Gold mura sealing wax sticks Gold
Champagne Pearl mura wax Champagne Pearl
sparkling brown mura wax from waterstons scotland Sparkling Brown
Chocolate Brown
Pearl brown waterstons mura sealing wax Chocolate Pearl
Antique Copper Pearl Mura sealing wax
Antique Copper
Pearl Coral
Dusty rose waterstons Mura sealing wax Dusty Rose
Sparkling Green Mura wax Sparkling Green
Light Green
Green Mura wax from Waterstons Green
Pearl green waterstons sealing wax Pearl Green
sparkling astel green sealing wax sticks
Sparkling Pastel Green (NEW)
Pearl lime green sealing wax from Waterstons Pearl Lime Green
Pearl moss green sealing wax from Waterstons Pearl Moss Green
Pearl seafoam green Scottish sealing wax Pearl Sea foam Green
forest green mura wax Forest Green
Metallic Green
pearl Ivory waterstons sealing wax Pearl Ivory
Purple sealing wax from Waterstons in Scotland Purple
Metallic Purple
Lavender waterstons mura sealing wax Lavender
smokey lavender sealing wax Smoky Lavender
Magenta Matte
Pastel Pink scottish sealing wax Pastel Pink
Pearl Fuchsia
Plum mura wax Plum
Pearl Tangerine
Pearl Violet
Sparkling Pink
Pearl Satin Red
Red Brick
Pearl Brick Red scottish sealing wax Pearl Brick Red
Sparkling Red
Sparkling Royal
Royal Blue
Metallic Turquoise sealing wax Metallic Turquoise
Pearl white waterstons sealing wax Pearl White

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